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Omaha Steaks Reviews

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  • Decetful advertising

    We placed an order for a TV advertised of a sale for Father's Day. When the order arrived, we notice it was not what we had paid. We called customer service, the person said he will review the recording of our order and call us back, he did not; we called again 2 days after, we spoke with an agent that was not helpful and then we asked to speak to a supervisor, she was not pleasant or interested in resolving our complaint, she said there was nothing she could do. After that we called our credit card to ask to stop payment, the issue was settled. This was our first order to Omaha Steaks... More...
    jposada's Picture   jposada    0 Comments   Comments
  • Leaky packages

    I have called twice now to complain about packaged being thawed in the refrigerator and leaking blood into my fridge. The last time i called they said thwy would be willing to replacw my steak tips and instead i aked for a refund. Well it still hasnt come bc they have to mail by check. So today when I called about my leaky hamburgers and soggy potatoes the man was very rood acted as if it was my fault they were leaking in the fridge aND refused to send a replacement. Instead he is refunding me another check that will take who knows how long Takeo arrive and I'll have Takeo make an... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Maylee89's Picture   Maylee89    1 Comments   Comments
  • Very disappointed

    I ordered "The Best of Omaha Steaks" for $59.99 about 2 weeks ago and received my order on May 10th. It was about a week until my delivery. I ordered from them a while back ( a couple of years ago) and when I got this order, I was very disappointed with the size of the meat and the steaks had no flavor to them even with the seasoning. The steaks and pork chops were much bigger then. More...
    janiecpc61's Picture   janiecpc61    0 Comments   Comments
  • Food

    Order 34624291-001 What a waste of $146, bought for mom in law for Xmas she is 88 yrs and either senile or quite nice. Said the order was wonderful. So, bought for ourselves. Filet Mignon was no thick as depicted more like flat as a hamburger with fatty grizzel around edge. I've had better at Logans Roadhouse. The augratin potatoes were a ball of hashbrowns. The stuffed muchrooms, HAD NO mushrooms. The chicken breasts were half a breast each. The burgers are better and bigger at McDonalds. The seasoning rub, was a bunch or seasoned salt. Tasting the pork chops tonite with my fingers... More...
    Chopsley's Picture   Chopsley    0 Comments   Comments
  • Omaha Steaks bad quality

    First, the packaging, delivery was great. The sirloin was very tender; however, it was very thin. The filets were extremely tough, very thin, not thick as your pictures show. Could not eat them. Have gotten much better quailty filets from Kroger & Walmart. Porkchops were also very thin & tough. Also fed them to our dogs. Chicken fried steak had more breading than meat, didn't have a very well liked taste. Dogs loved them. Steak burgers were so so, nothing that I could not have gotten equal or better at local Kroger or Walmart. Potato Au. Gratin taste like flour paste,... More...
    Aj2017's Picture   Aj2017    0 Comments   Comments
  • Omaha Steaks Unethical Adverstisements Bait and Switch tactics

    They bombard you with emails and mail showing major discounts. Then when you order they will tell you it does not qualify for many products. So to me it is an attack on consumers with Bait and Switch tactics. I would only recommend to everyone who reads this to never buy anything from Omaha Steaks and use your local grocery store where you can talk to a manager if you have question. Omaha Steaks is nothing more than fraud by overcharging millions of dollars to consumers who are told one price and then magically it increases dramatically because the discount doesn't apply to many... More...
    daviddcarr's Picture   daviddcarr    1 Comments   Comments
  • Omaha/ Complaint Seafood Sole

    To whom this May Concern This letter is to address a situation that accured while eating Omaha products. My husband and I received a gift package from Omaha Steaks, we are self have purchased products. One night I cooked the Sole stuffed with scallops and crab. Not only was the product very almost ransid, it had a small bone. As I was chewing the food a small pin like object poked the top of my mouth. I spit my food out and was hopeing the small fish bone was out of my system. It got my sick the next day and all together I would never try any of Omaha Seafood. As a discretion Omaha should... More...
    diazcynthia7's Picture   diazcynthia7    1 Comments   Comments
  • Substandard behavior

    Omaha Steakmcorporate mission statement reads: "We deliver exceptional experiences that bring people together. Guaranteed." Well, tonight 5/29/14 , I arrived at 7 pm at your store in Huntington Beach. They saw me standing outside and I make a sign as if I'd like to explain why I'd like to purchase something really fast. The petite,skinny clerk pretended that she did not see me and after 5 min she said " it's 7:05, it's closed". She did not even approached the window . She continued to pretend that she was busy. She could have easily ask what was my... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Gia100's Picture   Gia100    1 Comments   Comments
  • omaha steaks dredful experience with a gift delivery

    i recieved a christmas gift from my family(pamela lothrop) 0rder #23839467-001 on monday. it was left out on the front doorstep for 6 hrs at 85 degree temp. melted. i called c.s and told the woman to resend and she took the info but did not put the site number. this was to be delivered on 12-20 but caqmew on 12-19 and delivered to a 90 year old woman at site 4055. c.s. said they were sorry it was a mistake not to put the site number on the delivery. the 90 year old was so frustrated and annoyed because she did not know me or know how to find me. this am i called to ask for a supervisor to... More...
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    ommi123456's Picture   ommi123456    1 Comments   Comments
  • Omaha Steaks Roasted Chicken Beast

    Ordered the Roasted Chicken Breast, item number 2166. I normally buy the frozen chicken breast available at my supermarket, and thought Omaha Steaks chicken would be much better, was I disappointed. The chicken tasted so bad, I ate only one bite and my husband (who will eat almost anything put in front of him) ate less then half his piece. The meat was so much more expensive then what I normally buy. Never again. I'll be spreading the news not to order the chicken. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Omaha steaks

    Here we are in Hawaii on dec 24' and our $200 order of food for our 10 day stay in a condo with kitchen is not here as promised dec 21. I was promised fed ex delivery and Omaha decided to switch that to ups which does not deliver past noon on sat and is closed sun. Omaha knew that and my food arrived dec 22 and has sat at the airport ups site for 2 more days going rotton. Omaha shipped it the 19th and was dumb enough to schedule it out for 6 days in transit. I have to pay a cab fee today(it's Christmas eve) 159 round trip, buy food at Costco 500, have already fed 4 in... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Chaser18's Picture   Chaser18    4 Comments   Comments
  • They don't honor their email coupons

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. They did not honor their email coupon. The coupon terms only gave an expiration date, but customer service kept giving me different reasons why I didn't get the discount: 1. it only applied to purchases over $79 - I read them the terms; 2. I ordered items that were part of a mailer promotion - the terms said it applied to any regular or sales item; 3. I was already getting free things with my order...What??? I didn't qualify for the free shipping, that's fine, but I did qualify for the 15% discount. So, I cancelled my $200 order. Here were the terms:Terms: Your 15%... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    eswing's Picture   eswing    2 Comments   Comments
  • Omaha Steaks not what's advertised

    For a number of years I have ordered from Omaha Steaks, Prime tenderloin steaks (filet mignon) and had always been very happy with the product received. This year I ordered the tenderloin steaks and that was not what was received. Either it was choice sirloin or another sub-par piece of beef. The steaks had grizzle and were tough. My wife and I both agreed they tasted like sirloin not tenderloin. I contacted Omaha Steaks and they said just because the first ones we tasted weren't good it didn't mean the rest in the box were equally as bad. They finally sent a new box labeled... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    conley51's Picture   conley51    0 Comments   Comments
  • Deceiving ad!

    I have been a customer for over 10 years, maybe 20....I always look for the Omaha burgers. If they are included as a gift for an enticement to buy my filet mignons...I buy them. But this time I was tricked.!!!!! I did not know that Omaha, the best steaks in town....sold beef burgers. I thought only McDonalds bought them and cooked them!!!! I never in a million years thought if I saw burgers they would be anything but sirloin burgers. So...I bought two package deals...After all, I know Omaha Steaks are reliable, and honest?????? The burgers I got were beef burgers!! And after I thaw one out.... More...
  • left out

    I used to work at a Omaha steak store in Mass. I would never eat the product again after seeing what happens in the back. To start, on the last thursday of every month they empty the freezer in the morning and keep the product out all day so they can take inventory. I have seen the product stay out for 10 hours at a time, Once they over ordered so they put the product in the two bathrooms and covered it with ice and put the AC really low. The next morning it was clear that the product didnt stay cold but the product still went on the floor. On their sale days you can count on product just... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    sunshine1234's Picture   sunshine1234    6 Comments   Comments
  • Stop the Incessant Mailings!

    Ordered one time then asked to have all emails and snail mail stopped. Told that will take up to 90 days to stop the snail mail, and in the meantime, I receive 1 to 2 mailings per week which I throw away. You know that the 90 day time period is totally wasteful. Why send ads to people who have said that they don't want it, and simply throw it away. Take my advice, just get your meat from the local butcher. It's fresher, cheaper, and they don't bombard you with wasteful advertising. By the way, when I called back to plead with them to stop sending the mailings, I was... More...
    nomoremail's Picture   nomoremail    3 Comments   Comments
  • Hard to Get A Refund

    We bought four 10 oz. ribeye steaks from their retail store in Oakbrook, IL. on 10/31/09, and paid $64.99. This was their sale price. Thinking that the price per pound was very steep I hesitated but then went ahead and made the purchase since it was for a special family event. Everyone eating the steaks were disappointed--as they lacked flavor and were generally coarse and dry. The next day after reading on their website that they will refund your money or send you new steaks if unhappy with their meat. I called the next business day. I gave all the necessary information for the refund... More...
    rwinds's Picture   rwinds    4 Comments   Comments
  • Deception

    I received an email and snail mail, both within a couple of days of each other. The email gave 15% off any purchase including SALE Prices. The paper I recived advertised a package for $49.99. When I tried to use the coupon code, they said it was not applicable because it was an OFFER, not a SALE. The same package of the internet was considerably more expensive. As a result, they give you 15% off, but it is 15% off a much higher price. Take a close look at the prices before you buy! Bad business! More...
    BullSteaks's Picture   BullSteaks    0 Comments   Comments
  • unwelcome surprise

    I got a mailing from Omaha Steaks this past week for what looked like a great deal. Something called a Premier Grilling Collection in the form of a gift certificate. The deal was I could order a "grilling collection" usually priced at $204 for $49.99 and also send a gift to someone else at no extra cost. Wow. Sounds great. I called up the rep and asked about the pricing and she said that was correct, but I would have to pay shipping and handling. At the rate of $69.99! So my "great deal" would cost me more than twice the advertised price. I said "No... More...
    dilly's Picture   dilly    2 Comments   Comments
  • Rude employees

    I had a Omaha Steaks retail store in my general area but it closed about two months ago. Since then I have been bombarded with mail telling me that I could go to two of their stores in another state and receive fantastic bargains. Today I received an envelope that must have cost them two dollars to mail and it had a flyer inside advertising "Free Shipping" if I would go to their stores in this other state and place my order. It is at least 50 miles to these other stores so that would mean 200 miles of driving just to place my order, go home, and come back again at a later date.... More...
    Jack212's Picture   Jack212    2 Comments   Comments
  • William Glaser Omaha Steaks...

    William Glaser Omaha Steaks Deceptive Marketing Following your first purchase, the company inundates the customer with weekly mailings and telephone calls promoting carefully packaged gourment food promotions at a great price. What they do not tell you is the actual price per pound of the total package. A quick calculation on the packages recently offered price out at between $16 and $19 per pound. No queston on quality but very expensive. More...
    WilliamGlaser's Picture   WilliamGlaser    0 Comments   Comments

Omaha Steaks Reviews By Product

Omaha Steaks Comments

robertsmom says: (4 years ago)
opened a package top sirloin steaks. didn't look as good as uaual. the meat was tough and almost
e inedible. my son sends me gift certs. i will tell him not to buy any more from omaha. the quality has gone down hill

jerseygirlalice says: (5 years ago)
Love Omaha Steaks but hate the packaging! Too many boxes - waste of precious resources! Put food in plastic as most is already protected with shrink wrap.

LoveMeat says: (5 years ago)
I think that Omaha Steaks are pricy for grain-fed beef. Grain-fed beef and meats are not healthy for you at all. I don't buy from Omaha Steaks. I buy from Meats are healthy, higher quality and cheaper. I am still trying to figure out why Omaha Steaks are so popular. I have read through the reviews and there are so many negative reviews, but everyone knows of Omaha Steaks.

sylcook57 says: (5 years ago)
I just tried to enter your survey about my recent shopping trip to Omaha. It would not accept my survey code:133-01-138199. What's going on ?
Sylvia Cook

eswing says: (5 years ago)
They did not honor their email coupon. The coupon terms only gave an expiration date, but customer service kept giving me different reasons why I didn't get the discount: 1. it only applied to purchases over $79 - I read them the terms; 2. I ordered items that were part of a mailer promotion - the terms said it applied to any regular or sales item; 3. I was already getting free things with my order...What??? I didn't qualify for the free shipping, that's fine, but I did qualify for the 15% discount. So, I cancelled my $200+ order.

Here were the terms:Terms: Your 15% discount will be applied at checkout. The Free Shipping offer applies only to standard shipping and handling on shipments of $79 or more. Value is calculated after your extra discount is applied. Gift card and wine purchases do not count toward the $79 minimum order requirement and do not qualify for the 15% discount. Offer does not include expedited, overnight or surcharges on prime requested arrival dates and deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and is not valid on pending or prior purchases. Offer valid 11/15/12 - 11/16/12.

10kat10 says: (6 years ago)
I have purchased from Omaha Steaks for almost 10 yrs. I can tell you those days are over!! Every order is between $200-$300. I have a freezer full of product from my last two orders in the last 3 mos. I fixed the Beef Stroganaph last week. Horrible tasting meat!! Had to throw out. Then grilled up some burgers and all agreed the meat was "bad"! I tried the "new deli roast beef". It is awful!! Bloody and a bad flavor. I swear to god they are sending out meat hat has sat out without proper refrigeration! I am so disappointed in their quality of products deteriating to a level of worse than any "managers specials" at the supermarket that are slightly green. I am stuck with a freezer of every kind of product they sell, that I have bought over the past years, and neither myself or my husband will eat it!! What to do? Screwed!! One thing I have always loved and continue to is their 100 pieces of pre cooked bacon. The only thing I can still vouch for! Wonder if I could send it all back in exchange for an equal dollar amount spent,on boxes of bacon. Only way they could redeem he selves with me, a long time customer. Hmmm?????

nabus says: (6 years ago)
I really wanted to like Omaha Steaks, but I can't. I have a well meaning and well to do sister who sends our family products. I know beggers can't be choosers, but ths stuff is terrible! I thawed out a steak and it just fell apart like they had taken a bunch of scraps and stuck it together. As I was grilling it, the stench was horrendus. I gave It to the dog, who was quite happy. I Think that what they do is take lousy product and spend all the money on marketing and presentation. It's like the emperers new clothes. Since our family has very little money to spend on luxuries such as red meat, I guess we will be eatig eggs. Anyone want some free meat?

bdellis says: (6 years ago)
I recieved a gift certificate from work for ohama stakes. I ordered the spiral ham. The ham looked great. My husband and I warmed it and tried a bite. We threw the whole thing away. It was the worst tasting ham I have ever tried in my life and I love ham. I wouldnt even torture homeless starving people with this product!!!!!!

POOPYFACE says: (6 years ago)

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